Minitek Wiremap Code


The Minitek Electronic Music Festival was the first time the Wiremap was commissioned to be interactive with Music. With that in mind, I built edited the program to display three new views, each with it's own form of interactivity with the music. After reading some simple instructions, crowd members were able to make 3d compositions that matched the music

The three programs were:

  • Water
  • Pulse
  • Orbit


  1. Press the spacebar to the beat of the music (press it at least 8 or so times)
  2. Choose one of three programs by pressing the left and right keys
  3. Interact with the program by moving the mouse or by clicking or right-clicking


The Wiremap was scheduled to be exhibited for two nights. My plan was to take the first night to make sure the exhibit ran smoothly and to reserve the second night for taking photos and videos.. Unfortunately, NYPD was unhappy about something, and shut Minitek down half way through the first night - ergo, no photos, no videos. :(

Anyhow, a brief descriptions of what you're looking at:

This was easlily the crowd favorite. It's a combination of the Sine Surface program and a draw function. As you move the mouse around, the globe follows in the same fashion. The surface responds like a liquid, making ripples. If you left click you make a wave with the globe. The beat sets the frequency of the waves. Cool stuff!
Both top and bottom globes move with the mouse's movements (forward, backward, left and right). They pulse to the beat that is set by the user (using the spacebar). Right and left click make it pulse either double time or half time.
Two globes swing around and change color according to the beat. By default, the globes orbit in an opposing fashion - ie. one is always on the opposite side of the field as the other. Left clicking resets them to a new randomized orbit. Right clicking sets them into two separate orbits.

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Source code: final_show3_for_web

Built with Processing