Mailing List
There are plenty of ways to get involved in this project. The easiest way? Join the mailing list! I'll let you know when I'm exhibiting the Wiremap next so that you'll be able to see it in real life. I'll also use the mailing list to inform people on ways to get involved - from helping me set up somewhere to building programs to answering my desperate requests for free or cheap materials.

Book the Wiremap
I'm always looking for Wiremap exposure. If you've got a venue that could use this thing, contact me. If you know people who might want this thing, tell them to contact me. Right now it's disassembled and just taking up space in my cramped NYC apartment.

You, too, can have a Wiremap in your own home - just follow the instructions the instructable.

Once you get that up and running, the code is all open source. Play & have fun! Also, lemme know if you build one so that I can personally congradulate you (although I'll definitely want to post some pictures of your project up on my blog).