Press (or other web attention)
MakeZine, 8.10.08
Article on Make. He's quoted me saying some stuff that makes me sound kinda intelligent. : )
Hackaday, 7.25.08
Didn't know about these people until they wrote about this project. I checked em out and they have decent coverage on a wide variety of all things geek.
NetworkWorld, around 7.24.08
Nice press video about art installations at HOPE. I get a bit of coverage and some camera time to talk about the project.
O'Reilly Radar, 7.21.08
Some positive feedback from people I respect.
NYC Resistor, 7.21.08
Some local NYC folk. They've got some great stuff at their site and their space. Definitely check them out if you are interested in this stuff.
Digg.com, 10.12.07
My First Digg hit. EVER
Volumetric Renderers
A 'Volumetric Renderer' is something that takes digital 3d models and builds them in real space. Here are few other volumetric renderers of a wide variety.
New Projection Technology
With new projection technologies, the future of the design of the Wiremap is scalable, portable, and, in some cases, cheap. Microprojectors make micro-Wiremaps possible, laser projectors can eliminate fuzzing, and projectors with lots of lumens that throw big images could make Wiremaps big enough to fill an opera house.